What is flavor Lakay?

Flavor Lakay is a Haitian cooking blog that publishes the best traditional Haitian food recipes, tips, and resources. 

Haitian food consumers will tell you this one thing. "Haitian food is like try once and be hooked forever”. This is a true statement, and Flavor Lakay is your introduction to the amazing world of Haitian cuisine.

This blog will teach you about the tools used to cook Haitian food, ingredients, Haitians favorite drinks, side dishes, Haitian desserts, and the fascinating history of Haitian food's unique flavors.

Haitian food is a blend of many culinary styles with bold flavors and a touch of French sophistication.

It is influenced by TaĆ­no, Spanish, French, African, and Arabic techniques and flavors.

Haitian food shares many similarities with its Caribbean neighbors, but it carries a uniqueness native only to Haiti.

It is important that you know what it is like to immerse yourself in the Haitian food culture fully but without overwhelming yourself with unnecessary information.

Flavor Lakay offers easy-to-cook recipes that anyone can try at home successfully.

Contact me if you have questions and know that we read your message with respect and admiration.

So, welcome to Flavor Lakay!

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