Haitians use Maggi in almost everything they cook. But do you know what's in it, where it comes from, or why it has become one of Haiti's most famous seasoning products?

In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about Haitian Maggi. Plus a secret.

Haitian Maggi
A Haitian Maggi Box with Tablets

What is Haitian Maggi?

Haitian Maggi is a dry seasoning made from salt, spices, hydrogenated palm oil, wheat flour, meat stock, chicken fat, yeast extract, and other ingredients. 

In short, it's a quick and easy way to aid cooking and add flavor. Click here to check out these Haitian Maggi products.

What are the ingredients of Maggi?

Here are some common ingredients found in Maggi: salt, hydrogenated palm oil (contains soy lecithin), monosodium glutamate, wheat flour, sugar, onion powder, autolyzed yeast extract, dehydrated parsley, color, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, spices, flavor, and other ingredients.

What is the origin of Haitian Maggi?

Here is the secret. It might come to you as a shock, but Maggi is not a Haitian brand, nor does it come from Haiti. Let me give you the tea.

The Maggi brand originates from Switzerland. In 1886 Julius Maggi created a recipe of flavors to bring added taste to meals. That was the beginning of the Maggi brand and its [other] convenient products. 

Known for his nutrition-oriented approach, the Swiss Government asked Julius Maggi to create a product that would be quick to prepare yet nutritious as more and more women were working outside the home. - Nestlé

In order words, Julius Maggi created the Maggi brand to help swiss women cook quicker. So as it became famous in Switzerland, words got out to other countries.

How does Maggi become one of Haiti's most famous seasoning brand?

When Maggi came to Haiti, there was nothing like it. Demands for bouillon cubes and tablets skyrocketed because it was rare to find. As a result, many Haitian began to see it as a status symbol.

Already acquired by Nestlé, the company had to find a way to meet demands. And that's what they did. They adapted the brand and repackaged it to reflect local ingredients and culture. 

At that point, Maggi cemented its place as the de facto ingredient in Haitians kitchens. They began to call it Haitian Maggi and started to believe that it was a product of Haiti. But it's not.

Maggi fun fact

Here is a fun fact to illustrate Maggi's popularity in Haiti. Often you might hear someone says. "Se Maggi ou ye or ou nan tout sòs." Think about it? I guarantee you. That is not a compliment.

Someway someone is insulting you. 

In conclusion

Maggi is a Swiss brand owned by Nestlé that became known as one of Haiti's most famous cooking ingredients.

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